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History of Australian Coffee Roasters

Australia has a distinct coffee culture renowned throughout the world from perhaps its inception in the early 20th century, being totally dominated by local and independent cafes, to the multi nationals of today. In 1952, the first espresso machines began to appear in Australia and a plethora of fine Italian coffee houses were emerging in Melbourne and Sydney. Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar and Legend Café often lay claim to being Melbourne’s first “real” espresso bars, opening their doors in 1954 and 1956 respectively. This decade also saw the establishment of one of Australia’s most iconic coffee brands, Vittoria.
Coffee drinking has changed and coffee shops have become popular meeting places with friends, business chats or catch up on some computer work with Wi-Fi. Our coffee choices today are immense from when the flat white first became popular in Australia in the 1990’s and its invention is claimed by Sydneysiders, with the iconic Greek cafés of Sydney and Melbourne being the first to introduce locally roasted coffees in 1910, where-by Melbourne is sometimes called the “coffee capital of the World” with its plethora of cafés and roasteries.

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What is producing the perfect cup of coffee for your enjoyment with out the right accessories.

Grounds & Pods

With our vast range, and selection of premium coffees, available in Australia offering top quality products that can be enjoyed at home helping to create an ambiance with a unique satisfying experience enjoyed by the whole family. Drinking coffee in Australia is not just a drink but part of our way of life. Today you can select, beans, grounds or pods delivered to your door. So why is it so? To this day, international coffee chains such as Starbucks have very little market share in Australia, with Australia’s long established independent cafés existing along with homegrown franchises such as The Coffee Club, Michel’s Patisserie, Dôme in WA, and Zarraffas Coffee in Queensland. One reason for this is that unlike with the United States and Asia, Australia for many decades had already had an established culture of independent cafés before coffee chains tried to enter the market. Australians are more focused on the specialty coffee culture, focusing on sourcing fresh coffee beans, roasting properly, and brewing the best coffee beans. Many choosing to purchase different taste sensations on line.

The Beans

Australian-grown coffee comes from two major regions in Australia. The Atherton tablelands in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Here you will find the origins of our Australian Estate Coffee. These regions are excellent for growing coffee because of the rich soils and perfect climate they enjoy. The coffee plant, a bush-like plant that can get very tall, but normally kept trimmed to about 1.5 m, supporting bunches of cherries containing two unique coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta. Most coffee beans are harvested by hand, in which they can be strip picked or selectively picked. The topography of certain regions means machine harvesting is not always possible owing to the steep terrain, but flat terrains can be machine harvested. After harvesting the skin and pulp is removed within 24 hours, then laid on racks and sun dried. Australians are more focused on the specialty coffee culture, focusing on sourcing fresh coffee beans, roasting properly, and brewing from the best coffee beans. We also explore different types of coffee beans like single-origin beans and coffee blends, roasts, and different temperatures of production.

Coffee Machines at Home

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an Aussie who doesn’t love their coffee. Having a daily morning brew (and sometimes even an afternoon pick-me-up!) or a lazy weekend sip is important to Australians. All this can now be done with your own home coffee machine. Here’s your guide to Australian coffee culture.
  • Espresso:     Also known as a short black, a concentrated shot of coffee in a Demitasse Cup.
  • Piccolo: A piccolo is a single shot of coffee topped with a touch of steamed milk.
  • Cappuccino: A cappuccino – or ‘cap’ for short – features a shot of coffee with steamed and frothed milk topped with cocoa powder.
  • Latte: Like a cappuccino but with less foam, more steamed milk and no cocoa powder.
  • Flat white: Sometimes nicknamed a ‘flatty’, the flat white was made famous in Australia.
  • Long black:  A double shot espresso with added hot water, hence the ‘long’ in the name.
  • Melbourne’s ‘Magic’ Coffee”: A double shot of ristretto (a stronger type of espresso) combined with a three-quarter flat white.

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